Wildflower Wednesday

It’s been several Wildflower Wednesdays, since I’ve posted, but the crops have been slow this year and we haven’t gotten new arrivals each week like I’d hoped. The landscape is mainly grassy with a few colorful patches popping up here and there.

The Royal Larkspur are new, I don’t think we’ve ever had them in the garden before. Neat how they have a “tail”.

The Coreopses and Cosmos are about gone..  And there was only one of each!


Strawberry Clover is a very common wildflower (weed).  This is probably the pinkest I’ve ever seen one.

This is another kind of a cornflower (apparently there are many!)  And I caught a pollinator!

In the front yard, there are two divots where there used to be pine trees years ago, according to our neighbor.  The backyard evening primrose have made their way to the front! We’ll leave them and see what happens.

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