If We Were Having Coffee – 7/8/17


Good Morning, dear friend! And it’s still morning! At least for 40 more minutes at the time of this sentence. I’ve been up a while but mornings tend to fly by before I actually get moving and getting things done. Bill and I talked over breakfast about our upcoming trip to Sturgis and planned a few more things in the itinerary. We’re counting down and super excited. This weekend we will pull all our gear down and go over the checklist. (rubbing hands together)

If we were having coffee, I’d mention how nice it was to have a short work week after spending a fantastic weekend camping over the 4th of July. Our next excursion won’t be until late August but we have other fun things going on. It’s been a great year and I’m so fortunate.

The jury is still out on my hip, however. Thursday I had a steroid injection and the doc said to give it til Saturday to kick in. It still hurts, but in a different way. Hopefully it’s just taking a bit longer.

Yesterday a pretty wicked storm blew through and we were able to capture it just before all hell broke loose. We even got hail!

Bill took this one with his phone – it looks like the windmill is churning through the clouds.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about my outdoor plans if the weather holds out – I really need to repaint the front porch railing. We NEED to redo the entire front porch, this is just a band-aid for now.  We need new cedar mulch in the flowerbeds as well.  The weekends just fly by!

I’d also mention a few discoveries I made about my blog last night – one, my mailchimp subscription was paused for some reason so none of my subscribers were getting my blog post notifications since April.  ???  Sigh..  Second, I hadn’t been making a real effort to resize my photos before uploading them in my blog posts. 1000 pixels on the long side is ideal, per a photography blog. OMG Mine were huge. No wonder the pages were taking so long to load. Double sigh.  Fixed now.

Well, I should get going and put more cayenne pepper in my plants after the rain we had. I came home from our long weekend to find my pineberry/strawberry plant completely destroyed by these damn black squirrels. I had all my pots up on a table, even. My sage pot was knocked off the table completely. I put him back in and it I think it will live. But all the leaves were strewn about in my pineberry pot and all the roots dug up. I’m an animal lover believe me, but at that moment I was so furious I could have…….  So we’ll see how this goes. I will probably have to build a greenhouse if I want to grow anything.

And.. I still need to figure out what this is.  Any thoughts?  I don’t know if I should pull it or let it grow. I’ve Googled, used Garden Answers, and still can’t find a photo identifying this plant. It grows on a vine and it appeared one day in the pot that I had my blueberry bush in that didn’t make it (I will no longer buy berry bushes from anywhere but a greenhouse! Nothing ever lives..)

So how have you been? It’s been a while since we’ve caught up.. More coffee?


Come join the #weekendcoffeeshare link up at Nerd in the Brain or Part Time Monster.. Don’t forget your beverage!




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3 Responses

  1. Your leaf reminds of maple leaf, but a vine look for vines on your search. Got storm pictures are dramatit. You can see the curry of the storm.
    bettylouise31 recently posted…COFFEE/TEA SHARE JULY 8, 2017My Profile

  2. Amie Writes says:

    Those photos… wow! Those clouds are impressive!
    Amie Writes recently posted…If We Were Having Coffee… 7/8/17My Profile

  3. Tara says:

    Sorry about your hip. I am clueless about plants so no help there. Your camping sounds like a lot of fun. Glad you had a nice long weekend!

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