If We Were Having Coffee – 4/23/17

coffee mugs

Good Morning, dear friend!  So nice to see you.. Come on in and make yourself comfy. I long for the mild mornings where we can sip coffee outside on the patio. We had a frost advisory last night and it’s still pretty nippy out there. Today is supposed to be warmer of the weekend days though, have anything fun planned?

Although not terribly warm, I got quite a bit done in the yard yesterday. I need to transplant my basil, sage and cilantro as they’re ready to move outdoors. And I got a late start on the jalapenos!

Raking the yard I came across this dude and accidentally hooked him with my rake! I was afraid he was dead – no breathing at all for quite a while.  A little while later I went back to check on him and he hopped a little. Sigh of relief! Then later that afternoon he had gone on his merry way.  He either couldn’t see me or was very patient..


Frog - up close

Saturday I put all you awesome coffee share bloggers into Feedly, my favorite blog aggregate, so I can check in with you from my phone. AND this morning I was elated to find that the Hoopla app now works with my tablet!  It’s an ebook app that you can borrow books from your library with. I have an older tablet (circa 2009) and it didn’t support the app. Now to see if it works offline.. (rubbing hands together)

I ordered my inflatable kayak and life vest to arrive in time for our next camping excursion on my birthday weekend! I’m geeked – the life vest has a clip for my GoPro! Hoping it fits – they don’t give you any other measurements other than medium and large, so I picked medium. ??? Crossing fingers I don’t have to ship it back.

We also installed new patio lighting – I’m in LOVE!  It’s usually pretty breezy every time I want to light the tabletop firepit, and last night it was perfect, but cold! I can’t wait to grill this evening and enjoy the mood lighting. It will be the end to a pretty awesome weekend!

How about YOU?  What’s new in your world?


Come join the #weekendcoffeeshare link up at Nerd in the Brain.. Don’t forget your beverage!



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