If We Were Having a Beverage

This should have been a Weekend Coffee Share post, but since it’s 4:30pm, how about a Sunday afternoon beverage?  It’s a gorgeous fall day here in Metro Detroit and how I wish I could go play, but I have much to do to get settled in and ready for the work week.

We returned home at 1am this morning from a weeklong road trip out to beautiful, awesome South Dakota. We missed Sturgis this year due to some family issues (all is well now!) and planned this last week of September to take out our old trailer to park it on our land, now affectionately known as Howell Ranch. I was able to blog on location all week (thank you Verizon!), so please check out the Howell Ranch series if you’re interested.

I had the pleasure of leaving painted rocks in our path there and back, for Southeast Michigan Rocks. I’ll be blogging soon with pics and locations, and I’m happy to have learned that several rocks I left have been found and are on their merry way across the country. How fun.  The funniest part, actually, was asking my husband, “Can we stop at a rest area? I need to drop a rock.  LOL  That’s not what I meant, stop laughing!”  So it became a joke the rest of the week.   Check out The Kindness Rocks Project, where it all began.

So we’re back home after a week at our new “place out west” and I have pics and video to pore through and relive the past week. Later I’ll log on to my work laptop and see what fresh hell awaits me tomorrow morning. Or maybe I’ll build a campfire, make a cocktail and deal with it tomorrow.

I ordered a new camp flag from madefreshtees.com hope it arrives in time for Halloween camping!

We have two outings planned so I need to get the decorations down and figure out what I am doing. As well as refinance the house to buy candy. 😉

I hope your week has been as fantastic as ours!


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  1. Tara says:

    Work can wait. I’ll look forward to going back and reading about your week on MY week off. 🙂
    Tara recently posted…Week in Review and News, TooMy Profile

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