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Recap Thursday – 6/30/16

Recap Thursday – 6/30/16

Recap Thursday!  What good articles have you read lately? ================================================================================= Check How Much Propane You Have In Your Tank With This Easy Trick – I plan on testing this out this weekend! 13 Dreamy...

1,000 Words

I’m reading this really interesting book, Write It Down, Make It Happen, by Henriette Anne Klauser, and she talks about writing through to resolution.  When stuck, not knowing what to write about, you just...

Why Blog?

Today’s writing prompt.  I came across this, and as usual, the timing was perfect. I’d say it about sums it up.

Write Together!

Oh, how I love Meetup.com!  Doing a search last week I discovered the Northeast Ann Arbor Write Together meetup group, and was able to catch their next event, Write Together, happening today. Gathering at...