Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday

Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday is a link up from an awesome blog, Airing My Laundry. We have so much to be thankful for, and even more to be Okay with. Join us?


It’s Okay that:

  • It was a beautiful day for my car to break down! Thank God it was on my way home from work – I had an onsite client work session that I really couldn’t miss. My car overheated JUST as I went to get on the freeway so I had time to make a quick turn into a Starbucks. I could think of worse places to be stranded! We had just bought the part yesterday as we knew it needed replacing. And my awesome mechanic husband got me home and fixed it. I’m truly blessed. I even politely shooed the above stink bug along his merry way after he made himself comfortable on the INSIDE of my windshield.
  • These next few weeks are going to FLY. I have so much to do at work and at home. It will be a good opportunity to practice thinking of work at work and thinking of home at home, instead of getting them transposed as I so often do, which contributes to the madness.
  • To have not seen the movie IT on Friday, it’s debut, along with millions of fellow Stephen King fans. Seems like no one can keep quiet at the theatre any more and it’s beyond annoying. I’ll wait for the peace and quiet of my own couch. But I hear it was great!
  • The evenings are cool and the crickets and frogs serenade us every night. I will miss this so much as the weather grows colder.

What’s okay in your world?

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