Text vs. Calls

Day 9 of NaBloPoMo. What is your preference, texting or calling?

I saw a meme recently that read, “If  you’re phone doesn’t ring, it’s me.”  Hahaha. I loved it. That is totally me.. I can’t believe how much time I spent on the phone in middle and high school. Probably because we didn’t have cell phones.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to hate talking on the phone. I would much rather text plans to meet up in person. I don’t have the gift of gab, so I’m horrible at keeping the convo going. In person, it’s easier for some reason. And of course, I listen way more than I talk.

At work, I wish I could unplug my phone. (Haha) I love when I email someone and a minute later my phone rings. (Really, you couldn’t just hit Reply?) I don’t get too many calls and my last option is to make one. At work, email is the ultimate detail repository. When someone calls, I have to jot down notes (that have to make sense later), quickly, and my fast handwriting is messier than my normal handwriting.  Then have to recap to make sure I got all the detail.  Why?  Send me an email and I’ll have all the correct information, date and time stamped.

People say email or texting is impersonal. I think personality can come through just fine if you choose the right words (and emojis).  Like a typical introvert, I like having the chance to think before I reply, which doesn’t happen during a phone call, unless both parties are OK with awkward silences. Ugh. The dreaded Awkward Silence.  This why I hate the phone. And the feeling of being put on the spot.

I know a few people who hate texting. Messages get lost or misinterpreted. That can be true, unless you take the time to think about what your texting and how it sounds. Like an email, reread it before you hit send. How does it sound? There are lots of ways to properly convey the message and tone in words, IMHO.

Of course there are times when a phone call is more appropriate, such as important life events or having to be the bearer of bad news. Otherwise, I’m perfectly happy with my quiet world being gently interrupted with the buzz of a text or email.

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  1. Ha! You totally get me! 😛

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