Microstock Monday

It’s funny that this photo would sell in the past week, as I just put in an order at Crazy Aaron’s Putty World. Lots of very cool putty choices – I got Tidal Wave for Bill and North Star for me. I’ve been meaning to order some for a while. This image is of a promo item I picked up several years ago at WordCamp.

And my road signs sold as well. Ha. I remember this day. We took Bill’s 1965 Impala down to Florida to visit my dad. A rock flew up on the freeway and broke one of the headlights. We stopped somewhere in Tennessee at an auto parts store to buy and replace the headlight.Waiting for Bill as he changed it out, I walked around the parking lot looking for something interesting to shoot. I took this shot just a few feet from where we were parked.

I didn’t make any this year, but my caramel apple images were popular. Here is one of several that have sold this season. Ahh, fall..



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