Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday!

Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday is a link up from an awesome blog, Airing My Laundry. We have so much to be thankful for, and even more to be Okay with. Join us?


It’s Okay that:

  • I’m back to work after the holidays! Yes, it’s a bummer to have to change out of my PJs and face the single digit temps, but I’m glad to have a job to go to.
  • Tonight was my joint class, where we learned all about our upcoming surgeries and what to expect. Except for the guy at the back of the room who couldn’t keep his MOUTH SHUT while the rest of us were trying to listen. (Why is there always one everywhere I go??  Grrrrr..) I feel pretty good about the surgery, though I’m sure the morning of I’ll be pretty jittery. I’m also grateful that Bill helped me get the hang of using a cane for now. I’m hoping that will help me to move around more and stay as active as I can.
  • I’m on track for the FMS Photo a Day Challenge for January! (Who am I kidding, it’s the second day..) Today’s prompt was Yellow, hence the yellow turmeric capsules above that I take, hoping that any day now they provide inflammation relief.
  • I’m flying to FLORIDA Saturday to visit my Dad!  And next week will be in the 70s.

What’s Okay with you?

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2 Responses

  1. Amber Myers says:

    Ooo I hope you’re having fun in Florida! And welcome back! I hope the capsules help you out.

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