#DSFWeeklyRewind: Sweet Home Chicago

Welcome to the rewind and thanks for joining me on my hour layover at Chicago Midway! I’m blessed to have a break from this non-stop FRIGID weather and jet down to Florida to spend a week with my dad and sister.

I was lucky to get a quiet flight and staff with a great sense of humor. “Ladies and gentlemen, you may now use your mobile devices in airplane mode. Or Depeche Mode.”

This is the third time I’ve been to Chicago, once on purpose, once because I missed a flight out of Orlando, and now this connecting flight. The only bite is that I still have a longer flight ahead of me.

So how was your holiday? Ours was quiet, we spent the traditional evening in the garage with our bikes, though no polishing was done. Every year we plan our annual trek to Sturgis, figuring out our itinerary and all the stops we want to make while we spend two glorious weeks in the land of our dreams. We knew the clock struck twelve when the fireworks rang out in the neighborhood, though they didn’t last long in this freakish cold weather. Then we went in, like the party animals we are.

I thought this was our last short work week, and I spent it wrapping up tasks and making sure my colleagues had what they needed to cover for me for the next week. Now I’m off to Florida and I just realized we’re also off Monday for Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday! Ha! Another short week when I return.


To be able to spend a week with my dad and celebrate his 91st birthday!! And that he’s doing quite well. Cherish every minute, my friends!

Well, another hour to go.. Although Chicago isn’t my home, it reminds me of my favorite rendition of the song, by Foghat.

Baby, dontcha wanna go??


What have you been up to? Join us over at Daisy Smiley Face for the #DSFWeeklyRewind! Here’s the scoop..

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4 Responses

  1. Tara says:

    Safe flight. Enjoy the time with your dad. That’s great that he’s doing well and you get to spend some time with him.

    I won’t work a full week, due to holidays, etc., until the week of Jan. 22. That’s four four-day work weeks in a row. I’m not sure how I’ll handle having to work like a normal adult again. 🙂

    Thanks for participating again in the #DSFWeeklyRewind. I’m grateful for you.
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  2. Debbie says:

    Enjoy sunny Florida!! #jealousinthecold

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