#DSFWeeklyRewind: Gales of November

November 10th is always a somber day in Michigan, as we remember the loss of the lake freighter Edmund Fitzgerald and the 29 men aboard. The haunting melody of the Gordon Lightfoot song was in my head all day.

I often think of the Fitzgerald and the Arthur M. Anderson, the last ship to have radio contact before she disappeared from the Anderson’s  radar. I’m fortunate to have a view of the Detroit river every day at work and wonder just how many times in all those years that they both made their pass under the Ambassador bridge. The Fitz was on her way from Wisconsin to Zug Island the night she was lost, downbound just a ways from the bridge.

We also recognized Veteran’s Day, for those that were lost, who have served our country and those still serving.  There was a really nice exhibit at work today, honoring all who have served. I took a few of the below cards and plan to pass them along.

I’m looking forward to the holidays this year much more than ever, for some reason. I don’t really decorate my house for the holidays too much, even Halloween was bare around here, as I focused on getting everything I needed for our Halloween camping trips. I’ve even had thoughts of decorating for Thanksgiving, let alone Christmas. And I was happy to find snow on my car this morning! I don’t know why! I will likely not be able to snowmobile this year at all.  ???  I’m not sure why I’m this much in the spirit and so soon.

So how was your week? Mine had its ups and downs. Several projects are winding down so we’re at the 11th hour tasks that endlessly pop up. I’ve been able to gain some clarity in some areas though, so for that I’m grateful. And there are several hopeful things on the horizon, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed and my thoughts positive.

Completely slipped my mind to include this. I am beyond grateful to have learned late Saturday night that there are issues with my Dad’s phone. No one in my family could reach him by phone all day and we all grew extremely worried. My sister in the area was able to determine that his phone for some reason in not ringing. Whew. He’s fine.

Well, I must be going as I made the mistake of scheduling a doctor’s appointment for 8am on a Saturday. And with the low of 19 tonight, scraping a good bit of frost off my car. Sigh.

Join me for coffee this weekend?

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