Camp Cooking – Fry Bread

When I saw this recipe, I couldn’t wait to try it over the campfire! If you’ve ever been to a native American pow wow, you know that one of the highlights is the freshly made, warm fry bread.  The recipe I found is from Posh Camping Australia, and it turned out very well!  Flour, baking, soda, salt and milk, and some oil for frying.

Baking ingredients

You mix the dry ingredients in a gallon Ziploc bag at home, then at the campsite, add the milk and knead the dough inside the bag.

Kneading dough

The only thing that I would do different is skip the Ziploc bag, since I have the space to mix and knead the dough and also have sink access for easy cleanup.  Yes, it’s less messy to knead the dough in the bag, but getting it out wasn’t exactly easy.

Messy ziploc bag

But I can totally see the point of doing this if you weren’t glamping!  So into the cast iron they went, with the olive oil.  I got to use the stand Bill made me from L brackets!

And his new spatula.. Haha..

This was a much easier recipe for me than baking in a cast iron dutch oven, I still need to practice after my upside down corn bread disaster. Since you flip these with a spatula,  you can keep a better eye on them and keep them from burning.

These were DELISH!!  I like how you can make them sweet or savory, I sprinkled garlic salt on these (forgot the spray butter) but will try cinnamon and sugar next time.


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