Camp Cooking – Crescent Roll Hot Dogs

We’re back from an AMAZING 4th of July camping weekend (more to come on that!) and I’m happy to report that this Camp Cooking adventure was not a fail! I found this idea on Pinterest looking for something new to cook over the fire and they turned out delish!!  All is takes is your basic hot dogs, refrigerated crescent rolls and some foil.

Unroll and wrap the crescent rolls around the dogs, wide end first. (I know, this wasn’t a masterpiece.)

Wrap in foil. You can use cooking spray before wrapping, but I didn’t find these to stick to the foil too bad.


Roast for 5 minutes, turning. Check. These went about 10 minutes total and they were perfect!



Bill devoured these and I’m sure we’ll try them again, perhaps with smoked sausage. They’re not terribly diet-friendly though, perhaps I’ll try something with a homemade cornbread mix next time.

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  1. July 7, 2017

    […] Cooking was a success this weekend!  I made Crescent Roll Hot Dogs and Campfire Quesadillas (coming soon)!  Both turned out extremely well. Our weather improved and […]

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