Camp Cooking – A Birthday Excursion and the Giant Cookie Fail

If you saw the initial draft of this post, thank you for your patience. My CommentLuv stopped working on my last post and my last resort was to publish a test post after turning my comments off in JetPack – I’m thinking they were turned on in an update and it nixed my CommentLuv.  ??  That seemed to have fixed it.  So here we go!

Friday was my birthday and it was a terrific day and weekend. Bill surprised me with caramel bumpy cake, a dozen roses and a Hero Session!

Last October I was able to book a prime campsite at Sterling State Park on Lake Erie and made plans to spend my future birthday weekend camping, regardless of the weather. I also had ordered an inflatable kayak and a lifejacket with a GoPro mount! Several weeks ago the forecast was high 70s for this past weekend. But I knew our weather could change and change it sure did! I don’t think it ever got warmer than 50 all weekend and the wind coming off the lake never stopped. I still loved this site right on the lake though and hope to book it again during the summer months.

We dodged the rain Friday night and were able to enjoy a fire as the waves crashed against the sand. I was happy to learn from the DNR staff that there is no place in the park that is off limits to kayaks. Once I get the feel for it, I plan to put in at the boat launch and then paddle out to the Sandy Creek Outlet and try and find my old campsite. As it would turn out though, there would be no paddling this weekend. Very windy, very cold, and sprinkles throughout the day.

Saturday morning we awoke to the non-stop screeching of seagulls. I looked out the back window and they were everywhere, pecking the grass.

6:30 a.m. on a Saturday and the screeching didn’t stop for about an hour! Luckily by time I got outside to cook up some bacon they were gone and I avoided being dive-bombed. (I always cook bacon outside when I camp – I love the smell of cooking bacon wafting through the park and it keeps the aroma and grease splatters out of the camper.)

This weekend’s cooking adventure over the fire I thought would be quick and easy – a giant cookie baked over the fire in cast iron. I even totally cheated and bought store-bought cookie dough.

Spray the cast iron with cooking spray and press the dough into the pan. Works for me!

I found a post earlier in the day about cooking this over the fire, but could not for the life of me find it then – only posts about baking it on the oven in cast iron. So here it went.

The edges started to bake but it was way too big to flip.  I put the lid on from my cast iron dutch oven to keep the heat in, but again, the coals were too hot. And I had no coals on top of the lid, like you’re supposed to when baking. Need to try this again properly with briquets. Sigh.

I cut it into quarters and tried flipping each piece, but parts of it were burnt.  So into the oven it went, to try and salvage what I had done.

The good news, it was edible and Bill said he didn’t mind the burnt parts at all.

 It went nicely with coffee Sunday morning as the wind howled and shook the trailer for the rest of our stay.

Sans kayaking, it was a fantastic birthday camping weekend!  Our next adventure will be in two weeks when I attempt campfire pizza!

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