About Me

This is my blog!  Thanks so much for reading. If you’ve gotten this far,  you already know my name and pretty much what I’m about. I love to write and by day I work in documentation, so mixing it up between technical writing and casual is the perfect blend for me. I’ve recently come up with a new blog strategy, and the following will give you an idea of what I post about, on a relatively consistent basis.  🙂

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Road Trip Sunday
If we’re lucky and the weather holds out, Road Trip Sunday will take you with us on our motorcycles to various places. I love to get out on my bike and explore with my camera almost as much as I love to camp. These posts will appear as we venture out, likely not every Sunday.

Microstock Monday
Some of you know that my main photography focus is microstock – I’m an exclusive photographer for an online stock agency called Dreamstime. On Mondays, and I’ll try for every Monday, I’ll share a recent photo or two that I’ve recently sold or added to my portfolio.

Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday
This weekly post I participate in is hosted by Airing My Laundry. This is one of my favorites because it’s a recap of recent things that maybe aren’t the greatest – but they’re okay. Find the good, it’s in everything.

Wildflower Wednesday
We have a wildflower patch in our yard – here I will share what pops up every year! Most of the time it’s an exercise in identifying plants.

Weekend Coffee Share
One of my favorite things is to flip open my laptop on a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee, preferably on the patio, and catch up with my online world. Many partake in this weekly post hosted by Part Time Monster and I love having a virtual cup with others and sharing in their week. Next best thing to meeting up in person!

Camp Cooking
I could camp Every. Single. Weekend. And I love to try out new recipes over the campfire.  After each adventures, I’ll share them here, the successes and the disasters. Camp Cooking posts won’t be tied to particular day, but will likely appear on Sundays when we return.