Off the Grid…for a day

This morning I left for work and forgot my phone.  I was happily cruising along towards the freeway when I made a mental note to call in a prescription, reached into my coat pocket and…..ohhhh NO!!

I was too far away to turn back. That would have made for a very late start since by the time I made it back to the freeway, morning rush hour hell would be well underway.  Oh well. Today I go unplugged.

It wasn’t too bad except for going to check it and, oh yeah, that’s right, which happened several times. I got a chuckle out of it, actually. I was reminded of a time in the late 90s when I worked as a network admin. Our email server was down and when I notified the director, he replied, “Good, maybe we’ll get some work done.”

I decided to use this misfortune as a way to look at exactly just how dependent on my phone I’d become. I had a meeting at the Ren Cen and while waiting for the shuttle and during the ride to and from, I took out my notebook and wrote, when I’d normally be checking Facebook.

Not having a clock was a bummer, since I don’t wear a watch. I also stayed away from the office windows as I just knew today would be the day the Arthur M. Anderson would make it’s way up the river, and of course, I’d be without a camera.  Luckily, she’s still moored in Detroit.

It was rough, but I survived. Will I let it happen again? Not likely.

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